Top wet grip rating for Bridgestone’s newest winter tyre

Top wet grip rating for Bridgestone’s newest winter tyre

Bridgestone has launched its newest winter tyre, the Blizzak LM005. Continuing from the LM001, the Blizzak LM005 features a new tread pattern and rubber compound. Testing by independent institute TÜV SÜD compares it favourably with existing market competitors in snow and ice braking and wet grip.

Bridgestone contracted TÜV SÜD to test the Blizzak LM005 against market-leading competitors in various snow conditions. The tyre ranked within the top two winter tyres for snow braking, snow traction and ice braking performances. TÜV SÜD fitted the size 195/65R15 tyres to a VW Golf 1.6 VII and compared them against the Continental WinterContact TS860, Michelin Alpin 6, Goodyear UltraGrip 9 and Pirelli Cinturato Winter.

In addition to its snow and ice performance, TÜV SÜD also found the Blizzak LM005 to have best-in-class performance in wet grip and braking.

The Blizzak LM005 is the first winter tyre with an ‘A’ label rating for wet grip across its full line-up. Wet weather is the most common challenging road condition faced during winter in Europe, making this a key feature of the Blizzak LM005.

92% market coverage

Developed and manufactured in Europe, the Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 is available in 2019 in 116 sizes (for 14- to 22-inch rims). A further 40 will follow in 2020. The roll-out covers 92% of market demand as well as 90% in 17-inch and above rim sizes. 24 popular sizes come with Bridgestone’s DriveGuard Run-Flat Technology (RFT). With DriveGuard RFT, drivers can keep control and continue driving safely for 50 miles at speeds of up to 50 mph with a punctured tyre.

The LM005 carries Three Peak Mountain Snowflake and M+S markings. It is therefore compliant with all winter legislations in Europe.


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