Nokian Tyres upgrades summer tyre line-up

Nokian Tyres upgrades summer tyre line-up

With the launch of two new products, Nokian Tyres is refreshing its summer tyre range. The Nokian Tyres Powerproof 1 and Wetproof 1 will debut in time for summer 2024 in a range of 99 car, CUV and SUV fitments for 15” to 20” rim diameters and T, H, V, W and Y speed ratings.

As the name suggests, Powerproof 1 follows on from the 2019-launched Powerproof, and Nokian Tyres says the new tyre “offers stability and control for high speeds.” Wetproof 1 succeeds the Wetproof, which also debuted in 2019, and Nokian Tyres comments that this tyre “provides excellent wet braking abilities and powerful aquaplaning resistance.” Both products utilise the tyre maker’s Dual Zone Safety technology.

Nokian Tyres Powerproof 1

Introducing its latest generation Powerproof, Nokian Tyres states that Powerproof 1 is a “prime example” of its “summer tyre excellence.” The manufacturer elaborates: “The extremely stable handling and logical steering offer peace of mind for high-speed driving. The sporty and appealing Powerproof 1 also effortlessly prevents aquaplaning.”

Nokian Tyres explains the aim of the Dual Zone Safety concept as being to ensure the tyre’s contact surface remains precise and exact, regardless of weather conditions. This concept consists of two functional zones. The Power Zone on the tyre’s outer shoulder ensures precise handling, while the Wet Safety Zone on the inside maximises safety on wet roads.

The development team at Nokian Tyres designed the Powerproof 1 tread for demanding use at higher speeds. The tyre uses Nokian Tyres’ new Power Sense compound, and this improves wet grip, reduces rolling resistance, and increases tyre service life by adding wear resistance.

Nokian Tyres Wetproof 1

Nokian Tyres describes Wetproof 1 as “a summer tyre with the perfect combination of maximum comfort and extreme safety.” It says Wetproof 1 offers steady performance on rainy days and added comfort for poor road conditions. “The tyre’s most important features are excellent wet braking abilities and powerful aquaplaning resistance, which makes driving easy and comfortable even in rainy days,” the tyre maker adds.

To provide “maximum comfort and first-class safety,” the tyre’s tread area includes two functional zones – the Dual Zone Safety concept. In specific regard to Wetproof 1, this offers an “excellent combination of dry and wet performance.” The Stability Zone is on the outside of the tyre and makes manoeuvring easy and confident by offering good stability and handling properties, while the Wet Safety Zone on the inside improves the wet grip and aquaplaning resistance.

The Aqua Sense compound offers added safety for rainy weather. This new compound mix provides excellent wet grip, low rolling resistance and excellent mileage. The improved wear resistance of Wetproof 1 means more miles and service life for the tyre, while low rolling resistance brings savings in energy costs.


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