New Vredestein Ultrac performs 15% better in dry, wet

New Vredestein Ultrac performs 15% better in dry, wet

The latest Vredestein tyre for Europe’s most popular cars is greener too, 5% more fuel efficient

The Vredestein Ultrac is a summer tyre for Europe’s best selling cars

The new Vredestein Ultrac summer car tyre has been launched today. The new varient improves wet and dry performance by 15 per cent, representing a big leap forward for the brand. The Ultrac will be available in range of sizes between 15 and 18 inches for compact-medium sized cars. It has also been developed with sustainability in mind. Rolling resistance has been reduced by 5 per cent in a boost for fuel efficiency.

Vredestein has developed the tyre with a 50 per cent increase in traction-enhancing silica and resin compounds, which have helped to reduce braking distances by 10 per cent. It also uses materials more efficiently, making the tyre lighter. As a result, Vredestein calls the tyre’s performance “best-in-class”.

Hosted by Formula 3 driver Vicky Piria, the tyre’s launch was streamed online in a virtual presentation suite, with chief technical officer Daniele Lorenzetti supplying insight into the development of the new tyre. The manufacturer’s R&D department has proved resilient during the pandemic, continuing its development cycles with an increased application of simulation technology. Impressively, the tyre is the third new model Vredestein has launched during the pandemic.

Vredestein Ultrac characteristics

Vredestein’s leap forward in performance is supported by a few technical developments. The Ultrac features:

  • a squarer footprint;
  • a stiffer tread pattern;
  • a centre rib with parabolic lateral grooves.

All of these features enhance steering response and precision. This helps the tyre increase safety and make the driving experience more dynamic.

The Vredestein R&D team’s next-generation tread compound technology helped the Ultrac to achieve 10 per cent better braking in the dry and the wet. This is the result of the new Ultrac’s silica and resin compounds combined with multifunctional polymers.

Vredestein says it made comfort and the driver experience a priority in the Ultrac’s development. The tyre’s construction works to increase flexibility for ride comfort and to deliver a quieter ride. The tyre’s tread blocks have been resequenced for further acoustic comfort.

The tread has been formulated to deliver a 5 per cent improvement in rolling resistance. This means more fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

Vredestein has also continued to develop its premium product aesthetics with the design of the tyre.

Yves Pouliquen, sales and marketing director Europe, said the new Ultrac “represents a significant leap forward for handling, comfort and noise reduction in the summer tyre market.” He hails the tyre’s “class-leading performance, superb comfort and outstanding looks.”

Summer tyres remain the dominant choice for motorists in many European markets, making the new Ultrac variant one of the Vredestein brand’s most significant products. The company believes the new tyre will “strengthen its brand position across key markets while reinforcing Vredestein’s renowned premium performance qualities.”



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