‘New excellence in sports performance’ – Bridgestone Potenza Sport

‘New excellence in sports performance’ – Bridgestone Potenza Sport

New year, new flagship ultra-high-performance tyre. As 2021 begins, the Bridgestone Potenza S001 passes the baton to the Potenza Sport. Bridgestone says the newcomer possesses “excellent capabilities in both the dry and wet” as well as higher mileage potential than its predecessor. All 96 dimensions in the Potenza Sport range have an EU label rating of ‘A’ for wet grip.

“This next-generation tyre represents a new standard in premium, high-end sports performance, providing best-in-class performance in the dry supported by a premium wet package,” states Bridgestone.

The tyre maker drew upon its past experience in Formula One as well as partnerships with premium vehicle manufacturers when developing the Potenza Sport. It also listened to end user feedback, interviewing more than 3,800 drivers across Europe. “Their input gave Bridgestone the foundations to engineer an ultra-high-performance tyre that meets driver needs and expectations of control and confidence.”

Virtual design, new technologies

Bridgestone employed its virtual tyre development technology in the earliest stages of the Potenza Sport project. This allowed it to accurately predict performance without the need to physically produce and test an initial prototype. The manufacturer says this resource-conserving approach reduces the time needed to bring a tyre to market.

The Potenza Sport incorporates a number of state-of-the-art Bridgestone technologies. The tread design, for instance, features 3D sipes in order to increase shear stiffness and thus improve braking and abrasion resistance. The tyre’s rubber compound benefits both from a new formula as well as the latest mixing technology, and Bridgestone reports that these factors result in improved performance in both wet and dry conditions. A new hybrid crown reinforcement maximises the tyre’s stability performance at high speed while tweaks to the casing increase stability performance and steering response while optimising rolling resistance.

All 96 dimensions in the Potenza Sport range have an EU label ‘A’ grade for wet grip

OE & aftermarket launch

Several prestige OEMs are already factory-fitting their cars with customised Potenza Sport tyres. Original equipment deals announced so far include supply for the Maserati MC20, Lamborghini Huracán STO and BMW 8 series. Bridgestone shares that “many more” original equipment approvals will follow.

Aftermarket sales begin in January 2021 across Europe and beyond. The Potenza Sport will be available in 96 sizes for 17- to 22-inch rim diameters, a line-up that covers a wide range of passenger cars and on-road SUVs in the market, ranging from premium saloons and SUVs to luxury and prestige cars.

The latest chapter

“The Potenza Sport is the latest chapter in Bridgestone’s long legacy in high performance,” says Emilio Tiberio, chief technical officer and chief operating officer at Bridgestone EMIA. “It is the result of our history and innovation in motorsports, combined with our commitment to always going the extra mile to meet drivers’ needs, and an investment in research and development that is unmatched in the tyre industry.

“We engineered a premium, high-value sports tyre that keeps drivers in control while unlocking the performance of their vehicle,” Tiberio concludes. “Potenza Sport is truly a new excellence in sports performance.”


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