New Continental VanContact Eco

New Continental VanContact Eco

Continental has a new van tyre range. This successor to the ContiVanContact 200 offers even lower rolling resistance than the prior-generation model, a quality that’s influenced Continental’s choice of name. Say hello to the Continental VanContact Eco. Ten popular sizes for 15- to 17-inch rims are either now available or on their way.

What do we know about the VanContact Eco? So far, only what Continental has told us. It says the new tyre “offers impressively high mileage, delivers precise handling and short braking distances on wet and dry roads”. Rolling resistance is also lower than for the ContiVanContact 200.

Comparing the old and new ranges, Continental claims the VanContact Eco provides 7% improvement in wet braking and 10% lower rolling resistance. Continental also says the tyre is 13 per cent quieter than the ContiVanContact 200.

We’ve only seen tyre label ratings for six VanContact Eco sizes at this point in time. Five of these were A/A for wet grip and rolling resistance/fuel efficiency.


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