Michelin is the world’s largest tyremaker 2021

Michelin is the world’s largest tyremaker 2021

Want to know which tyre manufacturer is the largest in the world? If you count the number of tyres produced it is Lego. But seriously, when it comes to real-life tyres, according to the latest research published by industry magazine Tyres & Accessories, Michelin is the new number one.

And what’s more, six of the top 10 have changed places during the last year. Indeed, for its part, this year Michelin returned to pole position after several years of having Bridgestone in first place. At the same time, Continental has stepped up into third position, leapfrogging the previous incumbent Goodyear.

A similar change has taken place in the third and fourth positions, where Continental and Goodyear have swapped places, leaving the German tyre manufacturer and automotive supplier in third position.

The final top 10 position exchange took place between Hankook and Pirelli, with the South Korea-based tyre manufacturer leapfrogging Pirelli into sixth position and thereby swapping places.

Positions 8 to 10 (namely Yokohama, ZC Rubber and Maxxis respectively) remained stable in the same positions as last year.



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