Falken launches Wildpeak R/T01 rugged terrain flagship 4×4 tyre

Falken launches Wildpeak R/T01 rugged terrain flagship 4×4 tyre

The Falken Wildpeak R/T01 rugged terrain tyre is coming. The brand’s new flagship 4×4 tyre for demanding off-road applications means Falken now has a tyre for every off-road application. The R/T01 was “engineered with adventure in mind,” the company said. Its tread design and structure increase traction in the most difficult conditions. The new tread blends the key attributes of Falken’s existing All-Terrain (A/T) and Mud-Terrain (M/T) Wildpeak products. This helps the tyre achieve an optimised combination of traction, durability, and longevity for all-wheel drive vehicles in extreme applications. Falken says the tyre should benefit the construction, forestry, agricultural and expedition sectors, as well as off-road enthusiasts and those who like to travel off the beaten path.

The Falken Wildpeak R/T01 pattern contains features designed to inspire confidence whilst tackling the most difficult driving routes at the same time as delivering low wear rates and high durability. The hybrid off-road tread pattern shares similarities with the Wildpeak A/T and features a large contact area and stiff tread blocks for maximum mileage reliability, on-road performance and off-road ruggedness. With its M/T capabilities, the Wildpeak R/T01 is able to traverse muddy ground thanks to its open shoulder tread design. It is also well equipped for stones: the self-cleaning properties of the tread provide high levels of performance on mud and rocks, ensuring more grip and traction. The three-layer sidewall provides the required cut resistance, robustness and additional protection to provide maximum grip when it’s needed the most.

The Falken Wildpeak R/T01 will be available from the first quarter of 2024 with an initial range of nine sizes, ranging from 16 to 20 inches, with a speed rating of Q. The Wildpeak R/T01’s designation as a professional off-road tyre (POR) means it has no further EU tyre labelling information.

Wildpeak brand extends Falken’s 4×4 reach

Since the introduction of the Falken Wildpeak M/T in 2018, Falken has expanded its range of 4×4 tyres suitable for off-road capable vehicles. Their features and capability to conquer even the toughest of terrain has led to the range being approved for original equipment fitments for vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz and RAM.

In addition to its off-road performance and exceptionally good driving characteristics on the road, the Wildpeak M/T, in size 245/75 R16, impressed during the 2022 Classic Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia to complete 7,500km of running across challenging terrain with zero punctures.


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