Bridgestone Turanza summer car tyre range delivers on regular driver priorities

Bridgestone Turanza summer car tyre range delivers on regular driver priorities

The Bridgestone Turanza 6 summer touring car tyre is designed with regular motorists’ needs and expectations. Suitable for combustion engine-powered cars or the latest electric vehicles, the tyre harnesses Bridgestone’s efficiency and sustainability boosting Enliten technology to enhance battery range or reduce fuel consumption, while also offering “best-in-class” wet grip. The tyre builds on Bridgestone’s award-winning Turanza T005 and the T001 Evo, with a tyre well balanced for UK road conditions and the wide range of cars now on the country’s highways.

Bridgestone says the Turanza 6 is founded on three simple principles. The tyre offers wet performance that beat its prime market contenders as of a TÜV SÜD test in June 2022; extended mileage compared to the T005; and better fuel and energy efficiency. The company’s consumer research into the needs and expectations of drivers demonstrated that 86% of drivers listed ‘wet performance’ as one of the most important aspects when purchasing a tyre. Rain and wet conditions were identified as a key challenge they encounter on the road. The Turanza 6 helps to keep drivers safe on the road even in challenging wet weather conditions with high-performance wet grip.

The Turanza 6’s mileage performance represents a 22% improvement over its predecessor, already a test-winning product. It also provides improved fuel efficiency or extended battery range (depending on vehicle type), delivering a reduction of 4% in rolling resistance and offering best-in-class EU label A-grade in fuel efficiency in selected sizes. This is supported by the introduction of an aerodynamic rim guard, which is designed to reduce the resistance of air on the tyre while driving.

Bridgestone recently confirmed that all its newly engineered tyres will be ‘EV-ready’ across its entire product portfolio in the future, including the Turanza 6. Enabled by its Enliten tyre technology platform, Turanza 6 is an equally impressive performer on petrol and diesel vehicles, as well as EVs, offering fuel savings and extended range benefits, respectively.

Developed and manufactured in Europe, the Bridgestone Turanza 6 is now available across the region in a wide coverage for both passenger cars and on-road SUVs, whether they are internal combustion engine, hybrids, or electric vehicles.

The Bridgestone Turanza 6 addresses regular drivers’ top concern, wet grip (Photo: Bridgestone)



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