Bridgestone prepares for Paris 2024 with Olympic athletes Adam Peaty and Charlotte Worthington

Bridgestone prepares for Paris 2024 with Olympic athletes Adam Peaty and Charlotte Worthington

Bridgestone is preparing for its role as Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024 supporter with its UK ambassadors, the five-time Swimming medallist, Adam Peaty, and Freestyle BMX gold medallist, Charlotte Worthington. Bridgestone’s campaign is themed around the phrase, “Prepared to perform”, and the tyre manufacturer will present insights from its ambassadors on some of the aspects of their preparation, starting with the process of visualisation.

Visualisation is fundamental to many athletes, a technique often used to cultivate a heightened state of mental awareness. As a result, the mental strategy has been shown to boost confidence and enhance performance.

Five-time Olympic Games Swimming medallist, Adam Peaty is a Bridgestone ambassador for Paris 2024 (Photo: Bridgestone)

Adam Peaty, OBE, defended his 100m breaststroke title at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, adding two gold and one silver medals to his Olympic medal tally, making him the first British Swimmer in history to defend an Olympic title. As Peaty continues to strive for success representing Team GB in the pool, he works with Bridgestone UK to reveal what his hard work, dedication and preparation entails, as he prepares for Paris 2024.

On the process of visualisation Peaty said: “I use it every single day in training. Visualising is key to figuring out what I need to do in the water, where my body should be and what my mind should be doing. It helps me prepare, just before I perform. When training for the Olympics, I will probably swim that race a thousand times in my head. I don’t leave anything to chance, this is how I prepare to perform.”

Charlotte Worthington, MBE, first competed at the Olympic Games at Tokyo 2020, coming home with the Olympic gold medal in the inaugural Women’s Cycling BMX Freestyle event. In doing so she became the first woman in history to land a 360-degree backflip in a competition, and today has her eye set on breaking a new record at Paris 2024.

Reflecting on her preparation for Tokyo 2020, Worthington explained: “After a long time without competitions in the pandemic, I started using a specific technique to prepare for Tokyo. I put headphones in with sounds of old contests and listened to the crowds cheering and my name being called out. I have my eyes closed and I would practice being up at the top of the ramp and calming myself down, preparing to perform my run. I then visualise myself executing the run that I will perform in competition. Visualisation definitely takes practice, the more you do it, the easier it gets. When you then find yourself in a high-stress situation, you get a sense of déjà vu because you’ve been there before.”

Bridgestone committed to sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Being a Partner of Paris 2024 is not only about being associated with the power of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the world’s greatest event, it is also about committing to organizing Paris 2024 that are different, more responsible and useful to all of society. Indeed, Bridgestone and the Olympic and Paralympic Games share common values through mobility, innovation and sustainability.

“It is so exciting seeing our ambassadors prepare to perform at Paris 2024 and being able to support them on this journey. They leave no stone unturned and leave nothing to chance, and we are proud of both of them”, says Helen Roe, consumer & brand sponsorships marketing manager at Bridgestone.

Bridgestone ambassador, Charlotte Worthington, Olympic Games Freestyle BMX gold medallist (Photo: Bridgestone)


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