Are you doing #DriveJanuary? TyreSafe promotes tyre check New Year’s resolution

Are you doing #DriveJanuary? TyreSafe promotes tyre check New Year’s resolution

TyreSafe, the UK’s leading advocate for tyre safety, is launching a new campaign targeting driving and car maintenance habits. Dubbed #DriveJanuary as a play on the health and wellbeing #DryJanuary campaign, TyreSafe wants drivers to make “a realistic commitment to road safety” part of their New Year’s resolutions, with monthly tyre checks at its core. The organisation frames tyre safety as a monthly routine in a bid to contribute to a safer road environment, creating lasting behavioural change among drivers. The TyreSafe 2023 Tread Depth Survey reveals that almost half the UK cars on the road have low or illegal tread.

TyreSafe is launching the #DriveJanuary hashtag across social media platforms, and will employ humour to highlight the significance of the #DriveJanuary commitment compared to other resolutions that may not yield immediate and widespread impact. A recent Forbes Health/One Poll survey finds that “the average resolution lasts just 3.74 months. Only 8% of respondents tend to stick with their goals for one month, while 22% last two months, 22% last three months and 13% last four months.” TyreSafe’s objective is for motorists to make a behavioural change that will last a lifetime, leading to a significant impact on road safety.

Stuart Lovatt, TyreSafe chair said: “As we embark on a new year, TyreSafe encourages drivers to make a resolution that extends far beyond personal goals—a commitment to tyre safety. The #DriveJanuary campaign emphasises the lasting impact of a simple routine that ensures the safety of not only the driver but everyone on the road. It’s a resolution that transcends fleeting aspirations, contributing to a safer driving environment and saving lives. By checking your tyres once a month every month, you make a commitment that truly lasts a lifetime.”

Comparing monthly tyre checks to typical resolutions

Resolution: “Eat One Salad a Week to lose 20lbs”: TyreSafe says, “While a healthy choice, it doesn’t have the same immediate and widespread impact as tyre safety. And you probably won’t lose 20 lbs; you’ll just be hungry.”

Resolution: “Watch One Less TV Show a Month”: TyreSafe responds, “Entertainment choices may not have the potential to save lives on the road. Plus, you’ll probably just spend longer scrolling on your phone.”

Resolution: “Save Loose Change Monthly”: TyreSafe says, “Financial goals are crucial, but safety should always take precedence.”

Resolution: “Join the Gym and Get Fit”: TyreSafe says, “your physical fitness is important, but why be unrealistic, instead instil behaviour change that gets you moving. Check your tyres and take a walk around the block instead.”

TyreSafe urges motorists to A.C.T – once a month, every month. Whether it’s in their work carpark, at the petrol station when they fill up, or simply on their driveway on a certain date each month.  It’s easy to A.C.T:

Air pressure – The air pressure of each tyre should also be checked using an accurate gauge. Typically, car manufacturers recommend two different tyre pressures, one for light loads and another for when the vehicle is fully loaded. It’s essential that drivers adjust the pressures to accommodate the load they are carrying. These settings can be found in the vehicle handbook, on reputable internet tyre pressure charts such as the one at, and often in the vehicle’s fuel filler cap or door sill.

Condition – with a visual check, looking at the overall condition of each tyre to see if anything might have penetrated the tread, such as nails or other objects. If any of these objects, cracks or bulges are present, the driver should seek professional advice immediately.

Tread – drivers should check the tread of their tyres to ensure they are above the UK legal tread depth minimum of 1.6mm. Ideally an accurate tread depth gauge should be used but if this is not available, a 20p coin can be used as a guide. Insert the 20p into the main sections of the tyre and at various points around the circumference – should you see the outer rim at any point, you need to have the tread depth checked as it may be illegal.

TyreSafe wants to make 2024 the year of road safety. It asks motorists to take the #DriveJanuary challenge, checking tyres once a month every month, to be part of a commitment that lasts a lifetime.


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