ams tyre test – Goodyear’s new UHP tyre is phenomenal

ams tyre test – Goodyear’s new UHP tyre is phenomenal

Auto motor und sport (ams) now uses the adjective ‘phenomenal’ to describe the tyres that impress its testers the most, and the first product to gain this new top rating is a recent release from Goodyear. During testing for its 2022 summer test, ams found the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 to be a tyre that delivers a balanced spectrum of performance. The ams testers particularly praised its precise and easily controllable handling on dry roads. “Goodyear’s newcomer convinces with much safety and top dynamics,” states the German motoring publication.

The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 is one of ten candidates in this year’s ams summer tyre test. To find the “best tyre for the upper mid-range”, the publication fitted the size 245/45 R19 to an Audi A6 and evaluated them on wet and dry surfaces. It also tested their efficiency. In addition to its phenomenal test winner, ams rated three years as very good and a further four as good.

Rated phenomenal

Test winner: Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6
+ Very short braking distances, phenomenal grip, high cornering stability, sporty but easy to control on dry roads, Largely safe, dynamic & very controllable in the wet.
Slight weakness in aquaplaning protection.

Rated very good

Bridgestone Turanza T005
+ Overall the strongest wet grip, very short wet braking distance. Very balanced & dynamic on dry roads.
Slightly reduced longitudinal aquaplaning performance.

Hankook Ventus S1 evo3
+ Very short braking distances on wet asphalt, largely safe, surprise-free behaviour when cornering in the wet, safe during sudden evasive manoeuvres.
Weaknesses in aquaplaning protection, limited cornering stability in dry conditions, sluggish steering response, insufficiently clear steering feedback. Perceptible skewing noise.

Continental PremiumContact 6 (AO) ContiSilent
+ Predominantly developed for good performance in dry conditions. Equipped with self-sealing and noise dampening technology as standard. Quiet & comfortable ride.
Concept-related weaknesses mainly in wet performance.
(This is an original equipment tyre developed for Audi vehicles)

Rated good

Nexen N’Fera Sport
+ Safe braking on wet roads, good aquaplaning prevention. Free from surprises & very easy to control on dry roads. Comfortable and quiet tyre.
Weak lateral guidance characteristics on wet roads, little pretension to sportiness.

Nokian Powerproof
+ Safe neutral to understeering, but interactive handling in the wet with safety reserves. Spontaneous, precise & easy to control when cornering on dry roads.
Deficits in aquaplaning safety, faintly perceptible rolling & skew noise.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4
+ Spontaneous, direct, precise & dynamic on dry roads yet also safe in the wet. Satisfies expectations of sportiness.
Narrow threshold on wet roads, subjectively sensitive to puddles, low self-damping.
(Successor Pilot Sport 5 coming this year)

Falken Azenis FK510
+ Acceptable wet braking performance, good grip when cornering in wet & dry conditions.
Deficits in aquaplaning, dry braking, responsiveness & lane change safety. Best suited to vehicles with less demanding driving dynamics.
(Successor tyre Azenis FK520 coming soon)

Rated satisfactory

Maxxis Victra Sport 5
+ Surprisingly good grip & dynamic steering response when cornering in the wet.
Low steering precision when cornering in the dry, weak wet braking & aquaplaning protection. Somewhat uncomfortable, weak self-damping.

Rated adequate

GT Radial Sportactive 2
+ Good aquaplaning prevention, safe, easily controllable cornering on dry roads, safe in sudden evasive manoeuvres.
Longest braking distances on wet & dry asphalt, low driving stability in wet corners, best suited to lighter, less powerful vehicles.



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