Tread depth

Tyres, aquaplaning and how to avoid it

23 Jun 2020
Regardless of the time of year, our temperate northern climates are increasingly exposed to sudden, heavy rainfall, and the rising rainwater pools do not bode well for motorists on this side of the equator. Should we be worried about aquaplaning? Not with the right preparation and tyres.
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PCL warns: Unroadworthy tyres are still illegal and dangerous

3 Apr 2020
Tyre inflation firm PCL is warning motorists they could still face penalties for driving on dangerous tyres tyres following the government MOT extensions.
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TyreSafe: Legal tread depth still require, despite MoT exemption

1 Apr 2020
Tread depth is essential to keep a vehicle in contact with the road in wet conditions and it remains a legal requirement, despite the introduction of a six-month exemption on MoT for Britain’s motorists. TyreSafe is reminding motorists that a tyre being driven below 1.6mm is illegal and if found by the police could result in a fine of up to £2,500 and three-points being added to a driver’s licence – per tyre.
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