Michelin Pilot Sport Cup

255/40 R17 94Y
The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup is an Summer Car Tyre from Michelin.
F C 75 dB
4.29 / 10
Image of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup
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Based on tyre size: 255/40 R17 Y
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F C 75dB
4.29 out of 10

Beginning with the legally-required tyre label, we cross-reference with the results of third-party magazine tests. Next we look at OE fitments and corporate ESG scores. The result is a single mark out of 10. The higher the number, the better the TyreScore.

Full Tyre Description

The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup is an Summer Car Tyre from Michelin.

Test Results

AutoBild Sportscars - 10/04/2013

225/40 R18 Y

"Exemplary" - strengths: Racing qualities - Weaknesses: limited aquaplaning qualities

Powercar - 28/04/2006

225/40 R18 ---

"Highly recommended" - strengths: handling, driving safety - Weaknesses: brakes, past rolling noise

Sportauto - 20/05/2005

---/--- R--- ---

"Highly recommended" - strengths: Handling dry, aquaplaning, wear - Weaknesses: Handling wet brakes, tires in the test teuerster

AutoBild Test - 26/01/2005

225/40 R18 Y

Second test (together with a competitive product) - Strengths: perfect handling behavior, harmonious and immediate steering response, grip level, is a slick Closest - Weaknesses: braking on dry roads, teuerster tires