Michelin Alpin 5

215/45 R16 90V
E B 71 dB
6.82 / 10
Image of Michelin Alpin 5
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Based on tyre size: 215/45 R16 V
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EU Tyre Label
E B 71dB
6.82 out of 10

The European Tyre Label is the starting point for our tyre review calculation. We then add the results of third-party magazine tests and end up with a single number. The higher the number, the better the TyreScore.

Test Results

Autozeitung - 02/10/2019

225/55 R17 V

"Highly recommended" - strengths: outstanding in the wet, in the dry without problems, high traction on snow - Weaknesses: after several dry handling rounds weakening grip and less expectant balance, slight inertia when changing lanes on dry roads

ADAC Motorwelt - 25/09/2018

205/55 R16 H

"Satisfactory" - strengths: particularly well on snow, good on dry roads - Weaknesses: slightly Compared To the best weaker in the wet

AutoBild - 19/09/2018

195/65 R15 H

"Satisfactory" - strengths: top performance on snowy and wet track, good safety reserves in aquaplaning, pleasant comfort, affordable price - Weaknesses: prolonged dry braking distances, excessive dry handling

AutoBild - 05/10/2017

225/50 R17 H

"Exemplary" - strengths: excellent moisture grip and high mileage, balanced handling qualities on snowy and dry roads, good aquaplaning safety - Weaknesses: increased rolling resistance

AutoBilld Allrad - 05/10/2017

225/55 R17 H

"Exemplary" - Strengths: really good on snow, high safety reserves with aquaplaning, very short wet braking distance - Weaknesses: When only average braking on dry surfaces, very high price

ADAC Motorwelt - 26/09/2017

215/65 R16 H

"Satisfactory" - strengths: minimum wear, well on dry roads and in wet conditions - Weaknesses: slight compromise on snow

ADAC Motorwelt - 26/09/2017

195/65 R15 T

"Satisfactory" - strengths: minimum wear, well on dry roads and in wet conditions - Weaknesses: Deficits on snow, light cutting back on ice and fuel consumption

AutoBild - 06/10/2016

205/55 R16 H

"Exemplary" - strengths: Winter specialist with best snow characteristics, stable wet and dry handling, wet braking distances short, quieter roll - Weaknesses: quite expensive

Autozeitung - 22/09/2016

205/55 R16 ---

"Highly recommended" - strengths: Balance on snow and wet - Weaknesses: in dry conditions only average

ADAC Motorwelt - 22/09/2015

205/55 R16 H

"Recommended" - strengths: top marks on wet and snowy roads - Weaknesses: on dry roads, noise, fuel consumption

ADAC Motorwelt - 25/09/2014

195/65 R15 T

"Satisfactory" - strengths: in wintry conditions, but even when wet - Weaknesses: Noise

ACE Lenkrad - 09/09/2015

225/50 R17 H/V

"Recommended" - strengths: handling on snow and wet - Weaknesses: cuts below average on dry pavement and the issue of cost-effectiveness / Environment from, quite expensive

AutoBild Allrad - 02/10/2015

215/65 R16 H

"Satisfactory" - strengths: slalom on snow, aquaplaning along - Weaknesses: Can handling on snow, curve aquaplaning on the wet circuit and wet braking not quite compete with the best, wet / dry handling, dry, braking quite expensive

Auto Motor und Sport - 18/09/2014

205/55 R16 H

"Recommended" - strengths: braking on snowy and wet surfaces, longitudinal aquaplaning - Weaknesses: Can not compete with the best, rolling resistance on dry roads, quite expensive