Dunlop Sp Winter Response

165/65 R15 81T
F E 67 dB
4.85 / 10
Image of Dunlop Sp Winter Response
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Based on tyre size: 165/65 R15 T
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EU Tyre Label
F E 67dB
4.85 out of 10

The European Tyre Label is the starting point for our tyre review calculation. We then add the results of third-party magazine tests and end up with a single number. The higher the number, the better the TyreScore.

Test Results

ADAC Motorwelt - 29/09/2012

165/70 R14 T

"Satisfactory" - strengths: on icy roads - Weaknesses: on wet and snowy roads and the wear

ADAC Motorwelt - 04/10/2011

175/65 R14 T

"Good" - Strengths: well-balanced all-rounder - Weaknesses: Can not compete with the best in wear

ADAC Motorwelt - 24/09/2009

185/60 R14 T

"Highly recommended" - strengths: very balanced in all safety-relevant criteria on wet roads - Weaknesses: dry braking, starting on snow, wear

ADAC Motorwelt - 25/09/2008

175/65 R14 T

"Highly recommended" - strengths: first of all in terms of comfort / noise in the wet, When dry roads, on snow, rolling resistance / consumption - Weaknesses: no below-average performance in individual disciplines

ADAC Motorwelt - 26/09/2007

155/70 R13 T

"Highly recommended" - strengths: balanced at a high level, love especially in wet conditions, so but on dry roads - Weaknesses: only average on ice