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Auto Bild test: 5 exemplary all-season tyres

15 Oct 2020
The tyre boffins at Auto Bild have been busy of late. In addition to recommending the best car, SUV and high-performance tyres for the coming winter, the German car magazine’s testers have taken a look at all-season tyres. They fitted 32 brands of size 205/55 R16 tyre to a VW Golf, and after an elimination round of wet and dry braking tests evaluated the 14 top performers in wet, dry and snow conditions. They gave five of the candidates Auto Bild’s top ‘exemplary’ rating and judged these tyres every bit as good as summer or winter tyres.
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Winter driving pleasure: Auto Bild Sportscars tyre test

9 Oct 2020
Drivers who like to push their cars may benefit from winter tyres during the colder months. But which tyre is right for the job? In order to find out, Auto Bild Sportscars fitted a dozen brands of winter rubber to a VW Golf GTI.
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Auto Bild Allrad test: Finding the right winter tyre

8 Oct 2020
An absence of alps, infrequent sub-zero temperatures and scant snowfalls make winter tyres a hard sell in the UK. And as we’re not legally required to fit our cars with them, we generally don’t. A minority of British motorists nevertheless fit winter tyres for a range of reasons, and when purchase time comes around it is important for them to make informed choices. European tyre tests are a useful source of knowledge here.
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Positive overall – European car clubs test winter tyres

23 Sep 2020
Three leading European motoring associations have published the results of their joint 2020 winter tyre test. The ADAC from Germany, Austria’s ÖAMTC and Swiss club TCS looked at 15 brands of tyre While they didn’t award any of the evaluated products their top ratings of ‘very good’ (ADAC) or ‘excellent’ (ÖAMTC, TCS), the clubs noted that overall test results were positive. In addition to five strong performers, seven further tyres were recommended and one conditionally recommended. Only two tyres failed to make the grade.
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Auto Bild: 6 top winter tyres from 51-brand test

16 Sep 2020
The latest issue of Auto Bild warns drivers not to buy a pig in a poke. Test results rather than blind luck should guide tyre purchases. To help in this area the motoring publication has now shared the outcome of its 2020 winter tyre test. This evaluation of size 245/45 R18 tyres for executive cars (Auto Bild used a BMW 5 Series for testing) compares the 20 best performers from an initial field of 51 tyre brands subjected to wet and snow braking tests. Six of the brands received Auto Bild’s top ‘exemplary’ rating.
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Test win for Continental, price-performance recommendation for Maxxis

4 May 2020
Auto Zeitung’s 2020 summer tyre test is one of the largest the motoring magazine has ever published. It looked at 20 brands of size 225/50 R17 94/98 W/Y tyres in an evaluation that covers premium to budget. The cheapest of the tyres on test can be had for around 230 euros (£200) a set; the most expensive cost more than twice as much.
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Continental tops Down Under tyre test

29 Apr 2020
News from Australia. Continental has picked up another tyre test win, with its PremiumContact 6 named victor in Wheels magazine’s ten-tyre comparative evaluation.
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A tyre for every destination – test of 8 all-season campervan tyres

27 Apr 2020
All-season tyres offer safety in a wide range of weather conditions and have gained a lot of traction within the passenger car segment. But what about campervans - is all-season a good choice of tyre for those hoping to squeeze in a belated post-lockdown holiday? Auto Bild Reisemobil fitted eight sets of all-season campervan tyres to a VW Crafter and put them through their paces.
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Degrees of performance – sport auto tests 10 tyres

22 Apr 2020
Hot hatches don’t really get much more sizzling at the moment than the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S, whose turbocharged four-cylinder engine produces a hearty 416bhp. As usual, four rubbery rings take on responsibility for transferring all this power to the road - but what’s the best tyre for this job? That depends upon the sort of driving you have planned.
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