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Auto Bild Sportscars UHP test: Gap between best & worst “never larger”

11 Mar 2021
A set of UHP tyres can cost more than a grand or less than half that, but you get what you pay for. This is what Auto Bild Sportscars found in its latest tyre test – the pricier tyres nudged the top end of the results table, while the two cheapest brands were also by far the worst performers.
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5 exemplary tyres in Auto Bild summer test

11 Mar 2021
When browsing tyre test results it’s sometimes easy to gain the impression that the same premium brands dominate proceedings. But this isn’t always the case. Auto Bild has released the results of its 2021 summer tyre test, and the biggest names in the business needed to clear space on the top step of the winners’ podium for an ambitious competitor. The runner-up premium tyre was also given a run for its money by the third-placed candidate, a lower-priced product from the same manufacturer.
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Auto Bild Allrad tests SUV tyres

9 Mar 2021
In its 2021 summer test, Auto Bild Allrad looks at ten brands of SUV tyres, from a premium product costing £450 for a set of four to a budget tyre almost half the price. On the whole, the test team was impressed with the candidates’ performance and declared six of the ten products either ‘exemplary’ or ‘good’. They declined to recommend just one tyre.
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Auto Bild summer tyre test: Hankook impresses in preliminary round

24 Feb 2021
Auto Bild won’t publish the results of its summer tyre test for another fortnight, but it has let the identifies of the finalists out of the bag. Of the more than 50 tyre brands that the German motoring magazine looked at – this year in size 205/55 R16 91V – it selected 20 for further, more intensive testing thanks to their performance in an initial qualifying round. A Hankook tyre tops the shortlist after achieving the best stopping distances in both the wet and dry braking tests.
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Autozeitung: 5 from 10 tyres recommended

23 Feb 2021
Ten premium and mid-range brands of tyre show us their strengths and weaknesses in Autozeitung’s 2021 summer tyre test. This year the German motoring publication looks at size 225/40 R18, a dimension suitable for around 60 vehicle models – including the new Seat Leon, which served as test vehicle.
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All tyres good, some better – Gute Fahrt’s summer 2021 test

18 Feb 2021
The days are growing longer and the chill in the air a little less biting. Summer is on its way, and this also means that tyre testers are emerging from hibernation. The first comparative evaluation we’ve seen for the warmer months of 2021 comes from German motoring magazine Gute Fahrt, which looked at the tyre size 245/40 R18 Y.
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Auto Express finds stiff competition in its 2020 all-season tyre test

2 Dec 2020
At the end of November Auto Express published its latest test comparing the performance of leading year-round tyres. Continental’s AllSeasonContact won but Goodyear’s Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 and Hankook Kinergy 4S2 were hot on its heels in second and third place respectively.
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5 excellent tyres in Auto Bild Allrad’s SUV all-season test

6 Nov 2020
Introducing its 2020 test, Auto Bild Allrad comments that all-season tyres weren’t always highly regarded. Their reputation was one of compromise, of products best suited to drivers who demanded little from their tyres. In the words of the specialist 4x4 and SUV magazine, an all-season tyre “used to be a bad summer tyre and then, in the second half of the year, a bad winter tyre.” But its latest test shows that the story is a very different one these days.
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Winners & Losers: This year’s winter, all-season tyre tests

4 Nov 2020
When it comes to tyre testing, the Germans are in a class of their own. During the last few months, the country’s magazines and motoring clubs (together with their Austrian & Swiss counterparts) have put a total of 197 winter and all-season tyres through their paces. As many of the tested products are available here in Blighty, UK drivers also benefit from this methodical approach to finding the right tyre.
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