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Auto Bild summer tyre test – the finalists

23 Feb 2022
Auto Bild has done it again - the motoring publication has examined no less than 50 brands of tyre in the first round of its summer 2022 tyre test. It looked at how these tyres brake in both wet and dry conditions, and the 21 tyres with the shortest combined stopping distances will progress to a more comprehensive second round that includes aquaplaning, handling and mileage tests.
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ADAC test: 6 highly recommended 185/65 R15 tyres

23 Feb 2022
The tyre size 185/65 R15 is a popular fitment for smaller cars and can be found on numerous models. European motoring associations ADAC, TCS and ÖAMTC have chosen 185/65 R15 as one of two dimensions evaluated in their summer 2022 tyre test. Their testers fitted 16 brands of tyre to a VW Polo and subjected these to braking and handling tests in wet and dry conditions as well as a range of comfort, environmental and economy-related evaluations. They found six products to be well-balanced performers.
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2nd Auto Express tyre test win for Hankook

24 Nov 2021
Déjà vu aplenty in the 2021 Auto Express all-season tyre test. This year the publication returned to the 205/55R16 size it last looked at two years back, and the Hankook Kinergy 4S2 that participated in the 2019 test was back as a contender in 2021. Same tester, same tyre, same size. But this is where the similarities end; whereas the Hankook tyre finished seventh in 2019, this year it won.
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Auto Bild Allrad tests all-season tyres

11 Nov 2021
The future belongs to all-season tyres, comments Auto Bild Allrad in the preamble to its 2021 test. It adds that these products have evolved into a true alternative to dedicated summer or winter tyres. This year, the German magazine for 4x4 and SUV enthusiasts evaluated ten brands of all-season tyre in size 215/65 R17. Top honours went to the Hankook Kinergy 4S2 X, a tyre that Auto Bild’s testers declared an “exemplary compromise” for safe driving in all weather conditions.
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Auto Bild’s top all-season & winter tyre makers

9 Nov 2021
After carrying out no less than five comparative tyre tests for various Auto Bild titles, specialists Dierk Möller and Henning Klipp have a solid understanding of which all-season and winter tyres they’d gladly recommend, and which they wouldn’t. Auto Bild summarises Möller and Klipp’s findings for the current season in its 42/2021 issue and at the same time names its leading manufacturers in the all-season and winter categories. Three brands occupy the podium’s upper step.
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Auto Bild Sportscars winter test: 3 exemplary performers

4 Nov 2021
Performance car magazine Auto Bild Sportscars has evaluated a dozen brands in its 2021 winter tyre test and also looked at an all-season tyre and a summer tyre for comparative purposes. It chose the front axle size 225/45 R18 and rear size 245/40 R18, testing these on a Mercedes C-Class for performance in dry, wet and snowy conditions.
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Auto Bild winter test: Win for Continental, Michelin podium

14 Oct 2021
Auto Bild begins coverage of its 2021 test by noting that motorists in its home market of Germany largely ignored winter tyres until legislation mandated their use in certain conditions. The absence of a comparable law in the UK means winter tyres remain a niche product here, yet they’re a sensible choice for some drivers, such as those living in remote areas of the country or owners of powerful vehicles.
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Auto Bild test: All-season tyres for mid-sized cars

30 Sep 2021
Multiple tyre tests in recent years have shown all-season tyres to be a good choice for people wanting safe, year-round motoring, but Auto Bild points out that testing has mostly focused on tyres for small and compact cars. To shift the spotlight onto tyres for sporty mid-sized saloons, the German motoring publication has evaluated 32 brands in size 225/50 R17. In Auto Bild tradition, its testers carried out wet and dry braking tests to cut down this field of candidates to a shortlist of the 16 top performers.
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Familiar names contesting Auto Bild 2021 winter tyre test

22 Sep 2021
The shortlist for this year’s Auto Bild winter tyre test provides no big surprises, with all 20 tyres chosen for the final round being flagship or second brands from well-known manufacturers. Bridgestone’s Blizzak LM005 tops the list after delivering the shortest combined stopping distance (from 80 km/h in wet conditions and 50 km/h on snow) during the preliminary test round. Following closely on the Bridgestone tyre’s heels were the Dunlop Winter Sport 5, Hankook Winter I*Cept RS² and Continental WinterContact TS 870.
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