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Climate change vigilantes deflate 100s of SUV tyres

9 Mar 2022
Climate change activists calling themselves “The Tyre Extinguishers” claim they have “disarmed” 100s of SUVs in Chelsea, Chiswick, Harley Street, Hampstead Heath, Notting Hill, Belgravia, Clapham, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Sheffield, Liverpool and Edinburgh on the evening of 7 March 2022. But are they aware of the environmental and road safety risks of interfering with tyre pressures?
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Are UK drivers playing games with road safety?

10 Feb 2022
Halfords’ Tyre Safety video game, 20,000 Miles in Two Minutes has now been played over 7,000 times, revealing that many drivers lacked basic safety knowledge. But what did it reveal about basic safety knowledge amongst the UK driving public?
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UK motorists waste up to £1 billion due to underinflated tyres – TyreSafe research

20 Oct 2021
New research by TyreSafe suggests UK motorists are wasting between £600 million and £1 billion on unnecessary fuel bills driving on underinflated tyres. The road safety campaign group used information sourced from the Department for Transport, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, and Michelin’s Fill Up With Air annual survey to model the effects of tyre underinflation on motorists’ wallets.
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TyreSafe’s summer holiday message: wherever you want to be this summer, be tyre safe

6 Aug 2021
With remaining uncertainty about the safety and logistics of foreign travel, according to YouGov, 47% of British holidaymakers are planning a 2021 staycation, with many relying on their vehicle to get them to their destination. With an expected rise in longer journeys in the UK, TyreSafe is reminding drivers there are more tyre-related incidents on […]
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Don’t ignore tyres during lockdown

22 Feb 2021
Many vehicles won’t have been used much since Christmas and most of those that have are likely to have only been used for short trips. While it’s tempting to put maintenance checks on hold, TyreSafe is advising drivers to check their vehicle’s tyres during lockdown to potentially save themselves money in the long run and reduce the risk of a tyre-related incident when they do return to the roads.
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1 in 3 parents ‘putting kids at risk on dangerous tyres’ – Protyre survey

14 Oct 2020
Almost one in three parents could be driving their kids around on dangerous tyres, according to new research from Protyre. The alarming findings come from a new online YouGov survey commissioned by Protyre – the UK’s fastest growing tyre retailer– as part of this year’s nationwide Tyre Safety Month. In the YouGov survey, Protyre found that just under a third of British parents with children aged 18 and under who own a car admitted to only checking the safety of their tyres every three months or  less, with some not checking them at all. Further survey findings showed that parents regularly check more visible child safety equipment, such as seat belts and car seats than they did their tyres.
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Driving after lockdown? Check your tyres! Here’s how

20 May 2020
Another firm has explained the importance of checking your tyres before driving in relaxed COVID-19 restrictions. Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist urges drivers to make checks before getting out on the road. This is because tyres can be affected by the conditions in which they are kept while layed up.
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Has lockdown lay-up damaged my car battery?

15 May 2020
With more drivers getting in their cars again after the government began to ease lockdown restrictions, more people are likely to find battery issues. Idling vehicles increases considerable the chance of damage to car batteries. This is due to the car’s electrical systems and alarms draining the battery continually, as well as the natural loss in charge that occurs over time. As a result, significant numbers of batteries could require recharging or replacement as more of us drive after a long lay-up.
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PCL warns: Unroadworthy tyres are still illegal and dangerous

3 Apr 2020
Tyre inflation firm PCL is warning motorists they could still face penalties for driving on dangerous tyres tyres following the government MOT extensions.
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